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Fear of railway stations
I have to catch a train at Berlin Hauptbahnhof tomorrow morning, and that worries me.

The new central station for Berlin is a magnificent building. It was built on waste ground near where the wall used to stand. It was still being built when I first visited Berlin in 2004 and it was opened a couple of years later.

The trouble is, it's on five levels. The east-west tracks are two levels above ground level, the north-south tracks two levels below ground level. But they've left gaps in the floors so that from the top level you can see all the way down to the lowest level.

And I can't stand heights.

Every time I visit the station I find myself approaching a drop and my legs stop working. I find it difficult to ride the escalators. And, of course, all the lifts are glass.

I need to get to the top level tomorrow to start my journey home.


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