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I'm in Dortmund now for Eurocon. Spent most of the day travelling on trains.

But something happened before I set off this morning.

One of the disadvantages of being in most days is that if delivery people can't get a reply from my neighbours, they ask if they can leave packages with me. There are students next door. Just before Easter I was asked to take in a package and no-one came to pick it up before I went to Eastercon, and then nobody seemed to be at home, and the package was sitting in my hall for about three weeks before I saw someone going in the front door and managed to catch them.

Yes, you guessed it. I was just finishing my packing this morning when the doorbell rang. A man was standing there with a very large package - came up to his waist. Could I take it. I told him I was going on holiday in ten minutes, which seemed to be the best thing to say.

But I've now told a complete stranger my house is going to be empty for a week.


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